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Welcome to the incredibly luxurious Sorūna Bathhouse and Boarding! An interactive roleplay group where your character is an Eidolon staff member living and working in the ever-busy bathhouse.
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 Boys Behind the Bar [O][M]

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Jun Liang


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PostSubject: Re: Boys Behind the Bar [O][M]   Mon Dec 23, 2013 5:25 pm

Jun couldn't help but let out a soft chuckle.

Some people were so bleak in the way they viewed the world.

Jun was glad he wasn't like that, though being a bar tender he could see why some people were.

"Well hey, you know... about the red light district right?" He asked, lowering his voice.

"No emotion down there. For a bit of coin someone could help release all of that tension you have." Normally Jun wouldn't refer someone to the red light district, unless if they seemed like they wouldn't be the type to get offended by it.

Personally Jun had never ventured down there, and didn't care to. It was too seedy and dangerous for a scrawny guy like him. But the fact that it existed was something he knew, and didn't let himself get bothered over.
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Dimi Jag-eun


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PostSubject: Re: Boys Behind the Bar [O][M]   Mon Dec 23, 2013 5:37 pm

Dimi's expression seemed to automatically turn from one of calm, to one of hardened cold. He had to do everything in his power not to rip his gaze away from the wall before him and glare at Jun, perhaps even tell him off to the point of getting kicked out of the establishment. No, Dimi kept as much of his cool that was left though it was clear the subject tore into a place with no redeeming qualities, and it was clear on his frigid face.

"...I might look the part, but emotionless fucking isn't what I do. If I want sex I'll find it. I don't need to pay to get laid," he speaks through clenched teeth. He nods once in thanks for the drink and then gets to his feet, his face slightly flushed from anger.

Dimi knows it isn't the best note to leave on, but he can't stand to be around Jun after that comment, his emotions are too wild and full of anger. If he stays any longer it will probably only end in another fight and he's had enough of that for one night... But something in Dimi has clicked... Something is stirring in his stomach that makes him feel sick and disgusting. But it's been planted there, and odds are it won't be leaving too soon.
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Boys Behind the Bar [O][M]
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