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Welcome to the incredibly luxurious Sorūna Bathhouse and Boarding! An interactive roleplay group where your character is an Eidolon staff member living and working in the ever-busy bathhouse.
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 Looking for more Seeds (o)

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PostSubject: Looking for more Seeds (o)   Fri Sep 06, 2013 1:20 pm

Draconis was walking through the busy market place, carrying a couple of paper bags containing various supplies that the gardens couldn't give him until the appropriate season. he needed them as his services as a Healer were in demand daily.

Draconis rubbed his forehead and closed his eyes for a moment, ears flickering a little as he continued to walk around.

It had been stressful for a while, doing more healing than works in the garden due to new people in the boiler room getting hurt or the occasional heated argument turning physical.

he swears that his healing capabilities have increased greatly in his time at the bath house, no questions asked.

but this put a strain on some of the plants, and he couldn't get the ingredients he needed to for the basic healing salves he used so often

so on his break, he went out to gather everything he needed, while still keeping an eye out for any pick pockets about the place
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Looking for more Seeds (o)
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