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 Even if You Become a Newtype, Silence Is a Virtue [I] [M]

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PostSubject: Even if You Become a Newtype, Silence Is a Virtue [I] [M]   Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:11 pm

Format: Live RP in the DA chatroom
Characters: Kiki Ikaro, Dimi Jag-eun, Kanlaon Ekgnet, Draconis
Rated: M for vulgar language
Preface: (I have lost the first part of the RP, but this is what happened) Dimi has to go up to the garden level to fix a broken pipe.  He spies Kiki there licking herself, and when she see's him she gets startled and hacks up a fur-ball.  She apologizes and lets him know she was scaring the birds away.  They introduce themselves and Dimi lets her know he's there to fix the sprinkler pipe.  Kiki agree's to lead him to the pipe.  


Kiki: *She suddenly comes to a halt and drops to the floor and puts an ear to the floor, after a few moments she starts crawling forward and slaps her tail to the floor. She slowly inches a few feet forward and then peeks into a bush. Her voice drops to a whisper* Just a sec, Dim Sum. *She peeks into a bush and sticks her arm into it, and carefully pulls out a baby bird* Poor guy, musta fallen. *She stands up and points again* Yeah it's right there, lemme stick this guy up in the tree with the rest of 'em. I'll be right back. *She carefully places the bird into a shirt pocket and begins to climb up a tree.  She then jumps out of the tree, her pocket now bird-free* Sorry 'bout that! *Her lips curl into her signature :3 smile* Can't eat 'em now, they gotta get some meat on 'em first, ya feel? *She keeps walking until they can both clearly hear the sound of water spraying, and water spraying into the air* Well I find your pipe.

Dimi: This damn place.  It's falling apart.  Such a waste of water.  *He says, leaning down to start working on the broken pipe.  The leak squirts out and hits him right in the face.*

Kiki: *She looks down at him with a questioning gaze.* Why do you work here if you don't like it? Also want me to grab you a towel from my room or something? You can tell me on the way to grab it if you wanna. *Her gaze suddenly turns into a harsh glare* If you make a move on me I'll rip your dick off.

Dimi: *he turns his head and spits some water out of his mouth and looks back at her over his shoulder* It's just part of lif-...what the fuck? *he questions to her sporadic comment, his brow furrowed*

Kiki: I'm not gonna say i'm sorry. I've met a lot of assholes in my day, man. Not saying you're an asshole it's just that you can never be too sure, y'know?

Dimi: ...What the fuck are you talking about? *he questions, his left nostril sneering slightly, his eyes still squinted from the water spraying onto his face*

Kiki: *She sighs* Nevermind, i'm a dumbass. Want that towel?

Dimi: ...No. *he grunts out and turns back to the pipe, his brow still furrowed. He feels the loose bolt under the spray of water and clutches his wrench in his free hand, clicking the two together*

Kiki: *She continues looking at him, and her tail flops down to the ground with the tail peaked up. She lets out a groan and slaps her hand on her own head* Dim Su--- I mean Dimi, i'm sorry, man. I'm not good at talking, especially with guys. I didn't mean to offend you, if that's what I did.

Dimi: *he grits his teeth has he pulls hard with the wrench, the water starting to slowly cease it's spray as he does so. Every muscle in his upper body seems to flex as he does so* Fuck'in... Fucked up....Fucker bolts....goddamn. *he gives it one last heavy tug and the spray stops, the young man lets out a breath of relief. He looks back at the cat girl, his body soaked and his brow furrowed* Saying you're gonna rip my cock off tends to offend me. *he gets to his feet, shaking his head to get some of the water out of his hair*

*There is some rustling in the nearby bushes*

Kiki: *Her usual cat-like smile turns into a genuinely apologetic pout. She looks at her feet and her ears droop a bit.* You're right i'm sorry. I'll leave if you like.

Dimi: *he pulls off his tank top and wrings it out to get some of the moisture out* Just don't rip my cock off and I should be fine. *he says flatly, looking over toward the bushes*

*there is a little more rustling*

Kiki: *Her ears perk up again and her tail rises a bit more* Sure thing, Dim Sum! I haven't done that in a while anyways. *There is no tone of sarcasm or joking in her voice, she has literally almost ripped a dick off. Her ears perk up more and her hair frizzes up again* Someone's here. *She drops into her instinctive crouch, and tail slaps the floor once again.*

Dimi: *he debates in his mind whether or not he should throw his wrench at the bushes, wincing slightly when she shares her life experiences* ...Yeah I wouldn't do that anymore if I were you.

*the rustling stops*

Kiki: yeah, thats a story for another time. *She's no longer paying much attention to Dimi, and is focusing on the noise, facing the bush in which the sounds came from.*

Dimi: ...Probably another bird. *he says looking back at the pipe*

*there is silence*

Kiki: *She quickly jumps up and starts screaming, flapping her arms wildly* BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRDS

Dimi: *facepalm*

Kanlaon: *she's in her monster form, a little furry monkey like creature with horns. She lets out an alarmed shriek and jumps out of the bushes in a panic, chirping apologies loudly*

Dimi: *his brow furrows as he looks at the little monster eidolon and he pulls his tank top back on* Looks like a spy e3e

Kiki: MEAT *She launches herself at Kanlaon, only realizing mid-flight that the little monkey is an Eidola, and lets out a loud shrieking "IM SO SORRY"*

Kiki: *collapses on top of Kanlaon and quickly rolls off*

Kanlaon: *curls up in a little ball, shivering all over in pure fright*

Kiki: *stands up quickly and bows and says apologies repeatedly*

Dimi: *he crouches down and scratches behind her ears* Good job man I think it's in shock.

Kanlaon: *she looks up at Kiki with big eyes as if to ask if she's really going to eat her* QnQ

Kiki: *shakes head really fast that she almost loses balance* I don't eat kids!! Only adults, I swear!!!!

Kanlaon: *she glances over to Dimi to make sure he won't try to eat her either*

Kiki: I MEAN-- FUCK i IMEAN NOT FUCK DON'T SWEAR KIDS *she grabs her hair and pulls it* SHIT.

Dimi: *he rolls his eyes and keeps scratching behind Kanla's ears* Maybe you should take five. *he suggest to Kiki*

Kiki: *she lays down, her tail flops onto the ground as well* Why do I even try

Kiki: *She stands up quickly, and runs back to her room, grabbing a few leaves with her along the way*

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PostSubject: Re: Even if You Become a Newtype, Silence Is a Virtue [I] [M]   Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:19 pm

Kanla: *She lets out a little purr as he scratches behind her ears and covers her mouth while trying not to giggle. This little girl has come from the slums and has heard her fair share of curses. But Kiki is one of the only ones who is actually apologetic of it, and Kanla thinks that's nice, even if she's still a little scared*

Dimi: ...Do you know of any herbs that can calm people down? *he suggests to Kiki as she walks away from him and the little Eidolon*

Kanla: *She hesitantly crawls into Dimi's lap and snuggles her head against his chest*

Dimi: e3e... *he scratches her back*

Kanla: = w = *purring*

Dimi: *he stands up, picking Kanla up by the scruff of her neck and plops her on his shoulder, following after Kiki with his toolbox in his right hand*

Kiki: *She runs into them while returning from her room with some pre-brewed Ashwagandha tea mixed with chamomile, along with some snacks* Ah hey! I grabbed some tea for the little one *chuckles nervously* Ashwagandha is commonly used to relieve mental and physical stress! It also boosts your sex drive, but mainly the mental thing

Dimi: *he raises a brow and slowly reaches for the stuff*

Kiki: I swear i'm not poisoning you *she pours herself a cup of tea and sips it and her lips return to her original :3 face*

Dimi: ...How much of a boost are we talking? *he questions, a little ball of worry forming in the pit of his stomach. He hands a snack up to Kanla*

Kanla: *her eyes look really big as she sees the food. Her little paws reach out in want and snatches up the snack with a lot of gratitude, nibbling on it contently*

Kiki: Well I mean, it's used for men and women with reproductive issues. It's not like you'll pop a boner, bro. *Her eyes look at Kanla again.* Those are from when I lived back with my *She pauses for a moment and looks at her cup of tea.* My ,uh, friend. I have a whole bunch of them packed, so if you ever want some just come up here and i'll give you a whole bunch!!

Kanla: *She chirps out a thanks, closing her eyes and looking very happy*

Dimi: ..Yeah I wouldn't want you to rip it off or anything. *he says flatly though he's joking orz He drinks down the tea steadily and hands Kanla another snack, enjoying the company of her on his shoulder*

Kanla: *her tail is wagging happily, she has no idea what a boner is, though she's heard the word before. She eagerly eats up the food, not used to being fed so well*

Kiki: *She ignores his SASSY comment and pours another cup of tea. She stares at Kanla with a fascinated look.* God, what a cute Eidola! Its rare to find the cute ones. You always sea big badass monsters the size of sailboats, it's nice to have the little ones.

Dimi: *he sips his tea once more* It shouldn't be gett'in so smug after it was spying on us e3e *he scratches behind her ear again*

Kanla: *She rubs her face against Dimi's cheek and lets out a happy little squeak as he pets her ear*

Dimi: e//^//e Crafty little bastard. *he lets her get comfortable*

Kanla: *she scratches behind his ear to return the favor, her tail swishing back and forth against his back*

Dimi: *he smirks and hands her another snack, in his mind he is squealing like a little girl over how cute she is*


Kanla: *eagerly snatches the snack and eats it with one hand as she keeps petting behind his ear with her other hand*

Kiki: She can explain herself when she's ready to come out of her Eidola form! *she stuffs a few more chips in her mouth, eagerly waiting for Kanla to come out of her Eidola form, 90% expecting a small child, 10% hoping she's a huge babe.*

Dimi: *he bows his head down so she can reach behind his other ear too* ...I'm not minding this form to be honest.
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PostSubject: Re: Even if You Become a Newtype, Silence Is a Virtue [I] [M]   Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:29 pm

Kanlaon: *She takes the hint and starts scratching behind his other ear*

Kiki: Thats true, I guess *she keeps staring at Kanla, and offers a chip to her* 'M sorry I scared ya, cutie.

Dimi: ahhhhh =<= *he sighs out, the muscles on the backs of his shoulders flexing and relaxing*

Kanla: *she reaches out and pets Kiki's hair as if to say "no hard feelings", and then quickly snatches the chip*

Kiki: *Her eyes quickly snap to Dimi's back* Dim Sum, do that again that was sick!!

Dimi: *he smiles because the two can't see his face and he flexes again, making his back bulge with muscle*

Kanla: *She makes a little monkey chirping noise and places her paws on the muscles*

Dimi: *he flexes them in an alternate fashion so Kanla bobs up and down*

Kiki: *Her eyes widen with fascination* Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, boy. Howd'ya do that?

Dimi: Practice. *he says calmly* And fist fights*

Kanla: *she keeps chirping as he makes her bop up and down, her tail wrapping around his arm to make sure she doesn't fall*

Kiki: *She looks down at her hands, and balls them into fists, then lifts her arm into the air and flexes, making a face while doing so*

Dimi: *he looks up at her, the smirk still on his face* You're gett'in there.

Kiki: *Only a small curve shows up.* You know what man, i don't need muscles to be cool. *she flops her arm down, and sips more tea* i can do other cool*looks up at the sky*

Dimi: *he picks Kanla up again by the scruff of her neck and places her in his lap so he can straighten up, very steady in his movements* Take your time.

Kanla: *She clings to the font of his shirt and leans her head against his chest again, her tail curling up*

Kiki: I can climb well. I could be a performer if i wanted to!! Just gotta....stretch my....uh.....neck..*she stares at her tea for a while, then closes her eyes and sips it* I'll stick to scaring off birds...

Kanla: *She hears this and thinks Kiki said "scratch" my neck, so she hops away from Dimi and climbs up Kiki's shirt so she can gently scratch the cat girls neck*

Kiki: YAY *she grins from ear to ear* Oh my god this is so nice, here wait can you get off me for a second, cutie?

Kanla: *She climbs down quickly and stares up at Kiki with her big eyes*

Dimi: *closing his eyes he says calmly* I think I might've been able to perform too because I'm a contortion Eidolon. *he then contorts his body into an odd position with ease*

Kiki: why you gotta one up me man

Kanla: OAO *she rushes over to Dimi and pats his face to make sure he's okay*

Kiki: Yeah you know what, my Eidola isn't even cool compared to you two what the hell.

Dimi: Someone's always gonna one up you, you just have to keep doing what you're good at. *he opens his eyes and smiles at Kanla. He positions himself back to sit and he looks at her curiously* What kinda Eidolon are you?

Kanla: *she's glad to see he's okay and then steps back over to Kiki, patting her knee to make her feel better*

Kiki: *She proceeds to turn into the mannequin. Her paw proceeds to wave back and forth repeatedly*

Dimi: *his brow arches high and he nods his head* ...Well... You've got me stumped. *he smirks*

Kiki: *she sarcastically thinks: "maybe ripping his dick off isn't a bad idea." She poofs back into her Eidola form and sticks her tongue out at him*

Dimi: *still smirking he rolls his eyes and lays back in the grass*
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PostSubject: Re: Even if You Become a Newtype, Silence Is a Virtue [I] [M]   Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:34 pm

Kanla: *She rolls around a bit and then pops her head up, searching for another chip*

Kiki: You know what I can do this thing where I can curse something or someone and give them bad luck. Thats cool, right?

Dimi: Yeah it is. So long as it's not me. *he hums up, crossing his arms behind his head*

Kiki: *she mumbles:* i'll curse your dick, no sex for the rest of your life how 'bout that ya sassy shit

Dimi: Hm? *he hums out questioningly, a small smile on his lips*

Kanla: *She searches around Kiki for any more snacks*

Kiki: Nothing but look at this *She inhales deeply and murmurs a few curses, and puts on a huge show. She then points to a chip, and makes a small puff of smoke appear. Then she eats the chip* See? Bad luck man.

Kanla: *pouts*

Kiki: *Turns around and lifts up the lid to a pot, and takes out more chips, then opens the bag and hands it to Kanla*

Dimi: *he looks up at her and watches her work her magic, a small smirk pursed on his lips as she frustrates Kanla with bad luck* That's pretty impressive.

Kanla: *She lights up again and takes the chips happily, snacking on them with the most content look on her face*

Kiki: And see? There's the good luck.

Dimi: *he nods his head up and down* Well, good luck for now until our little friend there turns into a fur blimp from eating so many snacks =3=

Kiki: Oh please, she could use some more food. Or at least i'm assuming she's a she, sorry. Don't even know her name.

Kanla: *Nods her head up and down, she's a she*

Dimi: Yeah man you should show us your human form. *he speaks calmly, proping his head up with his arms*

Kanla: *She looks conflicted, even a bit worried*

Kiki: *She tilts her head to the side.* There's no need to be worried! Why would you be worried? We're just chillin. Havin' some tea. Havin' a chat. Ya feel me, squeaks?

Dimi: Yeah it's no pressure. Just curious.

Kanla: *She rushes back and dives into the bushes, hiding*

Draconis:...Is there need to scare the child further?

Dimi: *he watches her scurry off and he raises a brow* Must be shy I guess-*he looks over his shoulder up a Draconis with a questioning expression*

Draconis: *bows head* Good evening.

Kiki: Hey dude that just showed up, how'd you know we were scaring her? *Her hair frizzes up a bit again, not used to being sneaked upon*

Dimi: Never seen you around here before. *he states calmly before laying back down*

Draconis: I can smell her fear...also....i tend to be in the gardens. I'm not needed often elsewhere. people come to me for herbs and healing.

Dimi: huh... Guess that would explain it since I'm never really in the gardens. *he smirks and crosses his arms back behind his head*

Kiki: For your information, we had a nice snack and some tea and it was really nice. So you're wrong. *She looks at Dimi and gives him a mental high five, still upset with Draconis for picking her up earlier*
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PostSubject: Re: Even if You Become a Newtype, Silence Is a Virtue [I] [M]   Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:42 pm

Draconis: The gardens are always open should you need a break and some fresh air *tails sways from side to side* Also, as far as i was aware, you were chasing the birds away. which i'm thankful for. *chuckles softly*

Dimi: I'm here for work so it's not too relaxing to be honest. *he says calmly, laying on his back as he soaks up the sun*

Kiki: Uh, yeah. I'm a herb prep too, big guy. Keeping the birds in check and the plants safe is part of my job.

Kanlaon: *Her head pops out of the bushes, but instead of still being in her monkey/monster form, she now has the face of a little girl* Uhm... hi...*She squeaks*

Kiki: Ohmygodi'mgoingtopassoutshe'ssofuckingcutei'mnotevenupsetshe'snotolder.

Dimi: *he looks up and over at the bushes, smiling* Well look at that.

Draconis: *glares softly at kiki* enough lip. *said firmly, eyes flashing* Also, Dimi...only come up when there when yuo're free *turns to look at Kanlon* Hello. *smiles a little*

Kiki: *looks up at Draconis* EXCUSE me?

Draconis: *glares a little harder* Enough....Lip....*growls softly*

Kanla: *She can sense when adults are at odds and so she slowly slinks back into the bush to hide*

Dimi: *he looks over at Kiki and then up at Draconis, his brow furrowed slightly. He gets to his feet and starts walking toward the bushes*

Kiki: *stands up, her tail swaying back and forth close to the ground* And what gives you the right to say that to me, old man?

Draconis: *Glares softly* I'm your superior...and if you don't wish me to make your life livign hell in the gardens...don't Irk me. *turns to Kanlon and Dimi, softening a little* My apologies...I didn't mean to scare the little one

Kanla: *a little gasp can be heard whens he hears Kiki say "old man". If she were to say that to an adult her parents would have beat her good OTL*

Dimi: *he crouches down beside the bushes turning his head back to look at the two* If you're sorry than both of you will stop with the fuck'in attitudes. *he looks back at the bush* You alright in there?

Kanla: *still hiding in the bush, she peers at Dimi with big eyes* Did I do something bad? *she asks, worried it's her fault that there is bickering*

Draconis: *calms down and blows out a puff of smoke* i'm sorry little's my fault for my temper....

Kiki: I've already been here for a year, pops. And last time I checked, no one's my superior in the herbal department. *She folds her arms, then her ear flicks in the direction of Kanla, and faces her. She quickly abandons Drake and rushes over to Kanla, offering her food* No!no, no, no, no you didn't do a thing. *Holds out some candy.*

Dimi: Nah they just can't take being in a position where they have to have control over shit. *he says calmly* You can come out, it'll prolly calm them down.

Kanla: *she reaches out and takes the candy greatfully, but then looks worried again* I... I can't come out....

Dimi: Why's that? *he questions in an unintentionally flat tone*

Kanla: Because... because I... *she seems so ashamed* Because I don't know how to change back and forth while still wearing clothes, and Lyra, a nice performer lady, said that it's not good to be naked.

Dimi: ...Ah. *he straightens up and takes off his tank top again, handing it to her in the bushes* There ya go. It's kinda damp.

Kanla: *The tank is oversized so it goes down to about her knees, which is perfect. It's wet from the water and Dimi's sweat, kinda smelly too, but it's one of the nicest gestures she's ever received. She smiles up at him looking so thankful and bashfully makes her way out of the bushes*

Draconis: *clicks fingers to produce a warm flame and sends it at the shirt. it doesn't burn, only drys it out*

Kiki: I can go grab a different shirt or something if needed my rooms right inside that tree. *she points to a nearby tree* Or not.
Kiki: i mean not room
Kiki: i space

Dimi: *he loks over at Kiki with a raised brow and shrugs* You can keep that kid. *he stands up and shoves his hands in his pockets*
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PostSubject: Re: Even if You Become a Newtype, Silence Is a Virtue [I] [M]   Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:49 pm

Kanla: *she has never seen so many people willing to give her the time of day, let alone help her. She's got all these warm feelings inside she doesn't even know what to do with now. She can't stop smiling really big* All of you are really nice to me! *She blurts out, then covers her mouth shyly. Maybe it's because she has a job now, she's not a worthless little girl from the slums anymore*

Draconis: *huffs a cloud of smoke before pulling out a long chinese pipe and puts tobacco in it, lighting it with a tiny flame at the end of his finger* you struggle to shift with keeping your clothes? *murmrued softly so as not to scare the small eidolon*

Kanla: I never learned how. *She admits in a soft voice*

Draconis: *puffs on the pipe softly* should you wish...come to me when you have spare time...I'll teach you. *closes eyes and sits down, crossing his arms over his chest as his tail cured around him*

Dimi: *he cracks his neck* Must be hard not to have a humanoid monster form. *he smirks*

Kanla: *she blushes and shakes her head no* Oh no, I don't want to be a bother.

Kiki: I'm sorry to interrupt, but i don't think I ever got your name *She says while looking at Kanla*

Kanla: Oh! My name is Kanlaon. *she chirps. She then bows in apologies for not introducing her name sooner* sorry sorry!

Draconis: You wouldn't be. *grumbled gently* And i am Draconis, Kanlon-san. no need to apologize for something so small either.

Kiki: Shh don't apologize my little Kibbeh. *She smiles and ruffles Kanla's hair*

Kanla: *she giggles at the nickname, she likes it*

Dimi: Yeah I still have coworkers who don't know my name and shit if I care =3= *His tone is calm and casual*

Draconis: *opens one eye and looks at Dimi* Please don't swear in front of the younger ones. *continues to smoke*

Dimi: *he shrugs and looks down at Kanla* Do you care?

Kiki: I've spoken to 2 people that work here before today, and I don't know if they know my name. *She shoots a glare at Drake* Please don't smoke in front of the younger ones. To be honest, I think a pipe is more harmful than a few words, bud.

Kanla: *she slinks back at sensing the tension, her tail curling between her legs*

Draconis: "This is my blend. Less harmful. but true." he murmured, putting out the pipe for now.

Dimi: Then that's the way it's gonna be. *he scratches the back of his head and looks around* Think I'm gonna take my leave now though, pretty sure there was another pipe malfunction in the basement.

Kanla: *She's sad to hear Dimi is going to go, but she understands that here they have to follow a work schedule*

Kiki: *Looks towards Dimi* What no don't go. *Her pupils dilate and her tail frizzes a bit, about to possibly lose (so far) only "friend" she's made here.*

Dimi: Gotta do my work Kiki, s'why they keep me here. *he grunts out, shoving his hands back into his pockets*

Kiki: *her ears droop again* Alright. Work hard. Be good. All that shit.

Draconis: he stood up and let his tail sway a little "The gardens are open to both you and Kanla, Dimi, should you ever need a rest." he murmured, "my apologies for not controlling my temper before...and apologies if i scared you Kanlon san" he said, bowing his head a little. at least he knew humility

Dimi: It's all good man. *he waves at them group of them. Seeya. *he nods to Kanla and starts heading for the exit.* Try not to bust up any more pipes =3=

Kiki: *she shouts after him:* IT WASN'T ME IT WAS THE BIRDS. *She then says in a lowered voice,* Gonna bust a damn load more pipes so you talk to me more.

Dimi: *he smirks as he leaves the garden room, making his way to the basement*

Kanla: *she plops one of the candies Kiki gave her into her mouth* o)3(o

Kiki: GOD i hope i was that cute when I was your age.

Kanla: You really think I'm cute? *she asks with a little smile*

Kiki: Absolutely adorable!!! How do you stay so fluffy i didn't even know that was possible. *She giggles a bit and makes a face resembling "uwu"*

Kanla: *She laughs all bashful like*

Draconis: he chuckled softly and sat down once more now that dimi had left. he always stood up when others got up to leave, a sign of respect, and said his farewells. he smiled over at Kanlan softly before nodding, showing he agreed with Kiki but didn't want to speak such words

Kanla: Uh... I don't remember if I know your names or not... I'm sorry again! *she bows again over and over*

Draconis: "Draconis." he murmured gently, bowing his head a little

Kiki: Ah! I don't even remember if I said it...Dim Sum probably did but whatever. I am Ikaro Kiki!! or Kiki Ikaro, Depending on where you're from in Solo. Kiki is good though. So Kibbeh, what's your job here? *She says this while reaching over to get more tea from the kettle, and pours herself a cup. She then makes a motion as if asking if Kanla wanted some.*

Draconis: he huffed slightly. "A please would have been nice." he murmured before pouring himself a cup of tea, putting his hand against the pot and kiki' cup to warm the tea once more

Kanla: *she reaches her arms out as if to say yes to the tea* Mr. Draconis and Miss Kiki. I will remember that now. Oh... sorry...*she is all worried now for the tension*

Kiki: *She quickly grabs her kettle once Draconis puts it down, and shoots a look as to say "don't touch my things", and then refills Kanla's cup. Not even because she doesnt like Draconis she just doesnt like having her stuff touched*

Kanla: I-I'm a laundry worker. *she says softly*

Kiki: *"No wonder she's thin," Kiki thinks to herself.* Ah, i've actually never really been down there. Just had a few peeks when i went to get some lunch or something.

Draconis: he bowed his head, murmuring sorry before looking at the other. "a Laundry Worker? It must be hard for someone your age." he murmured gently, sipping at his tea. he's had people come to him from the laundry workers that had been burned or simply fatigued or suffering some form of ailment along those lines to be healed

Kanla: *she nods her head* It's not as pretty as it is up here, but it's still really nice! Best place I've ever lived! *she says, cheering up again. She sips on the tea and lets out a little satisfied 'ah' noise*

Draconis: he frowned softly to himself. those conditions down there aren't considered nice at all...only a little better than the boiler room from what he heard...what sort of conditions did she live in before?

Kiki: *She looks at Kanla, and tries her hardest not to pity the little girl* Yeah well if you ever need somethin from me i'll get it for you. Like some grub or herbs or something else. *She leans in closer to Kanla* I'll even curse someone if they're ever mean to you if you want. *she leans back again and chuckles*
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PostSubject: Re: Even if You Become a Newtype, Silence Is a Virtue [I] [M]   Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:53 pm

Kanla: *Her eyes get huge at such kindness* Really? *Not even her own mother and father had done that much for her.* You really don't have to, I don't want to be a burden. *she says in a small voice*

Kiki: Kippeh lemme tell ya somethin'. *she puts her arm around Kanla and takes a sip of her own tea*. Whenever I offer something, i want you to have it. It is not a burden because it was my own idea and my own words offering whatever it is to you.

Kanla: *again she feels even warmer than she ever has in her life. Her own parents didn't even hug her, and now she had been hugged twice within the first days of her working here. She leans in closer to Kiki and sips more of her tea, letting out a happy chirp unintentionally*

Kiki: *She lays down, the arm that was on the younger girl now laying behind her. She lets out a large yawn* I am soooooooo tired. *She falls asleep right after she finishes her sentence*

Draconis: he listened silently, smiling a little at kiki. She was a responsible woman...he guessed he could tollerate the lip...on occasion. "What she says is true for me also...if yu should need anything. please come and find me." he murmured

Kanla: *she is surprised at how quick Kiki falls asleep, but she figures it must be because she's a cat. She giggles softly and nods her head in thanks at Drakes statement*

Draconis: he hummed as he thought of how to entertain the child and chuckled softly to himself. he created a ball of fire in his hand before concentrating a little and shaping it into a the ones from western legends. he then made it fly closer to Kanlan and made sure the fire wasn't hot. just warm to touch

Kanla: *She looks stunned, hypnotized by the flame*

Draconis: he chuckled softly. "Do you like it?" he asked, watching the child

Kanla: *she nods her head up and down, still looking hypnotized*

Draconis: he made the little dragon fly down and curl up on her shoulder and nuzzle her face a little. "you seem to like how fire looks." he chuckled softly

Kanla: Is that really fire? I thought fire burns. *She says softly, smiling at the little fire dragon*

Draconis: he nodded softly. "Fire can burn. but it can also be used in healing and comforting. magic fire can also be made to not burn and just feel warm." he explained, clicking his fingers to produced another fire ball and shaped it into a cat before making it go towards Kiki's sleeping form so she was warm while resting

Kanla: It's amazing! *she whispered in awe. As she sat there, with a new friend sleeping beside her, two others at work, and another showing her amazing tricks, she realized that she had never felt more wanted and more warm inside than in that moment*
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PostSubject: Re: Even if You Become a Newtype, Silence Is a Virtue [I] [M]   

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Even if You Become a Newtype, Silence Is a Virtue [I] [M]
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